Designer Yun has a different approach to fashion. She studied music at a young age and formed a rock band when she was in high school. She lived in China and Italy before she moves to New York. Because of her experience and background, she gradually developed a unique style. She was not satisfied with the current fashion industry in New York which the majority of the companies are trend-oriented as well as lack of variety, innovation, and creativity.

Yun started Videmus Omnia in 2016. The aim is to embrace Yun’s unique and artistic designs and to re-build the Avant-garde fashion by exploring new structure, playing with different materials, and combining new technology. To keep the creativity intact and originality limitless, the brand will focus on developing womenswear. It has to stay small and not be commercialized at the beginning stage. Yun cares about the innovation of the design, the quality of tailoring and the interacting with the customers.


Videmus Omnia is an artisan fashion brand based in New York City. Founded in 2016 by Yun Qu.

Videmus Omnia came from Latin, means we see all or we see everything. Yun has the vision that the future fashion industry will be supported and catered for millions of small fashion workshops, studios, and companies. Yun wants to use Videmus Omnia as the name for her brand as well as using itself up as a successful example of an independent designer brand. Videmus Omnia will be scouting and collaborate with many young talents around the world and possibly scientists and engineers in the future to present innovative designs for its customers and individual clients. Eventually, Videmus Omnia will turn into a hub where designers and small studios collaborate.

As the designer, Yun tried to break the stereotypical method of developing a collection. Different from other young designer’s brand, the designer doesn't follow a commercial or classic route. She designs for the women who genuinely want to dress unique and artistic, but also care about the quality and tailoring of the garments.